Thursday, January 13, 2011

Moving forward but not backwards

Friday, December 31 2010, I told to myself repeatedly, “things will be different, things will be different for me in 2011". I prayed to God to provide me with extraordinary knowledge enough to facilitate me to achieve my future goals and aspirations.
While I reflect back on 2010, I can say to myself that I was able to accomplish most of my goals. Things went according to plan, thanks to the Almighty God. Although, I encountered some few obstacles during my journey in 2010, God held my hands through those complex moments and directed me to the right path.
Things were great in 2010; however things will be excellent in 2011. For the past few years, I have tried to eradicate the three words people of the 21st century uses obnoxiously every single year out of my vocabulary. 
Can you guess what these three words are??
 Do you have anything in mind??  
Well, Congratulations to those who guessed accurately.
The three simple words are; “New Year resolution
I am certain that more than 80 percent of the readers had a “New Year resolution” in the past.  If you fall under this category, have you truthfully executed at least one resolution you had in the past?
If your answer is NO, Fortunately I have one advice for you.  All  I can say is try  to  have  zero  resolution  for  the new year  and see what you can achieve in the year.
 To be frank, those three words, or should I say “phrase”, scares the living hell out of me. I have made some new year’s resolution in the past where there was no solution to my resolution. I have the tendency to break my resolutions in the first month of the year.
Hence, I have made a promise to never attempt to have a “new year resolution” but, rather write things i would like to “accomplish” or “try” to perform in order to have a successful year.  I call it “MY POSSESSIONS”. The aim of this scheme is to enhance my innermost self to a higher altitude, and acknowledge myself for achieving or tried to complete some of my objectives. I believe that this approach will permit me to improve myself to strive for better things in life and enhance my “I can do it attitude”.
Below are MY POSSESSIONS for 2011
1.       Having more faith
2.       Giving to God
3.       Giving   more  to the poor
4.       Praying and reading  my bible
5.       Random act of kindness
6.       Eliminate procrastination
7.       Staying positive at all times
8.       Associating  with  positive  individual
9.       Exercise more
10.   Writing  and reading more often like I use to
11.   Start a business proposal
12.   Managing my time and money properly
13.   Less partying
14.   Networking
15.   Being more goal oriented
16.   Asking more questions
17.   Not  being afraid to speak my mind
18.   Laugh more often
19.   Travel more
20.   Spend more time with loved once

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Prissy Carter


  1. These are some really good resolutions Prissy! I just might add some of yours to mine :)

  2. Thank you hun...hope you enoyed reading my blog :)

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog! It is very inspiring and motivational. Keep it up my love!