Monday, February 2, 2015

Make Your Time Count

As I write my first article for 2015, I feel a sense of accomplishment because it has been over a year since I composed my thoughts. For several months now, I have been contemplating if I should start writing again, however I have been giving myself excuses after excuses

“Oh I’m too busy with my boys.”
“Oh my family is keeping me too occupied, so I don’t have time to write.”
“Oh I will start writing tomorrow when I find time.”
“Oh when the time is right, I will start writing again.”

With all these excuses I still find myself on my social media platforms, reading, engaging and consuming in materials that do not add value to my life or my purpose.

Hence the other night, while I was conversing with a friend, he asked me, “Why did you stop writing?” I wondered why he was asking such an off the topic question (I was definitely not ready to this conversation). He said, “I loved reading your write ups; it had inspired me and others in the past. So why did you relinquish the very thing that makes you who you are.” I replied, “But wait I’m not a quitter, I just can’t find time to write anymore.” He pulsed and said, “But you have time to talk on the phone, use Instagram and Facebook right?  If you have time to do all these “important” things then you are not too busy to dedicate sometime for your passion”. 

Boom!! There it was; he switched on the light bulb inside my head. 

I started to analyze our conversation after we hung up the phone and his questions kept lingering in my head.

I started to question myself. “Am I really a quitter? What does the word quitter mean? Quitter means loser right? I’m not a loser; cafter all I still got a lot accomplished this past year right?”

While processing everything and trying to reason with myself, I saw my two and half year old son throwing his soccer ball over my head; in attempt to hit the Christmas and birthday card decorations above the fireplace. At that moment, I made the decision not to yell out the usual ‘DANIEL STOP’.  I observed him for about three minutes trying to get the cards down through his little tactics. After many attempts, his plans did not succeed. He proceeded with plan b in hopes to achieve his ultimate goal. He picked up one of his long toy and placed it on the side of the TV stand, which is about 20 inches way from the fireplace. At that moment, I was wondering what else he was really trying to attempt. He skillfully climbed on top of the TV stand and sat close to the edge of the stand, allowing himself to get closer to the fireplace. He picked up his long toy, stretched his right arm and started to bring all the cards down. After he completed his goal, he slowly got down from the stand and started laughing and jumping. He looked at me with a smirk on his face to see if I was going to speak out about his victory. Surely it was a huge accomplishment for him after trying many times. However, I still kept quiet to observe what his next move would be; he proceeded to pick up some of the cards to tear them up. But, of course I got up and stopped him from destroying my cards. 

A moment after, I sat down to marinate on Daniel’s little performance. It was definitely a learning experience for me. Never to give up and never give excuses because there is always a way when one path seems impossible.

I started writing poems in my dollar store journals in grade 7. Throughout my high school years, I turned every circumstance in my daily life as a writing piece to express myself. I remember in grade 11, my English teacher told us to select any topic and write an essay on. I chose to write about “love” when I had little experience in relationship. When I turned in my paper, I thought I did awful because I didn’t believe in myself as a writer.  I recall being the last student to receive back my essay but I was extremely shocked to see the letter A on my paper. While I was puzzled about my mark, my teacher very impressed; she confidently encouraged me to continue writing. Before I left her class, she asked my permission to keep my paper and use it as an example for her future student. At that moment, my perception about my passion to write confidently changed.

As I sit here to write this piece, I feel extremely awesome because one of my 2015 goals was to start writing again. If you are reading this article, I trust you have outlined your goals for this year. Please believe in yourself that you are a winner and don’t quit until you achieve your goals. Stop given excuses; make time for your passion.

Because, if you can reply to text messages, pick up a phone call, Facebook, Instagram and have time to read this piece, you definitely have time to work on your goals. Don’t procrastinate; get started on that project, career, school or business you wanted to start, because time does not wait for anyone. Wasted time cannot be retrieved, therefore maximize the little free time you have. Capture your dreams in real time and increment value to your purpose. Make the time and make it count!

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Priscilla  Birago


  1. This was a good read! I could definitely relate. There are so many times we don't follow our passions and goals because we claim there's no time, but we have time for everything else. I really enjoyed this! Continue to follow your passion!

  2. This was well needed! I felt the same way too! I spent hours on things that were so irrelevant and placed less focus on my dreams and passion. Thanks for this, now I got to go work on my time management.

  3. Thanks to Helga, I found this blog. Such a good and encouraging read. Wishing you all the best with your 2015 writing goals!

  4. Thank you all for taking the time to read this piece. I'm glad this has sparked some inspiration in all off us.

  5. This is wonderful.It's like u r at my work place .procrastination develops excuses.Thank u for keeping me on my toes.God bless.