Thursday, March 31, 2011


Dear Dairy
It has been a while since I shared my inner most thoughts with you. Work life has been diminishing my social life. I must admit, I have been thinking a lot about marriage recently.*BBM Confused face** I have become more aware of married couples, especially young couples lately. Is it because I have been watching a lot of marriage shows on TBS as of late? Ironically I spotted the cutest black couple today at union station while having lunch with my co-worker. Honesty, I could not keep my eyes off them, especially the way they were so cosy together in public.  My eyes were fixed like a camera, searching for the big thing on the young lady’s finger to validate my thoughts. YEAP! There is was the nice big platinum ring on her beautiful long finger.  I thought to myself, Gosh I can’t wait till that big day comes.  Walk down the aisle in a traditional dress and get the ring on my finger than I will anxiously say the five most beautiful words; “Till death do us apart”. Two seconds later after daydreaming, guess who called me?? ROGERS COMMUNICTIONS calling to remind me about my $300 bill. I wanted to take a walk to Lake Ontario and submerge in the water and never come out again. If I only knew what I was signing up for, I would have thought three hundred times before signing up for this lethal contract.
Honestly I have no idea why my mind has been on the idea of marriage these days.
Marriage in my own perspective is like signing up for a new contract with a cell phone company. Marriage is a contract between a man and wife however there are fine prints in the contracts that some individuals disregard or misinterpret before signing up. Prior to signing up for my Rogers' contract, I was mesmerized by the “wonderful” features that came along with blackberry. It sounded perfect and I wanted every bit of it to spice my life. I was thrilled to posses my new berry in the attractive box in my hands. I couldn’t wait to use the camera or the blackberry messenger. My 50 dollar bb plan was just right; exactly what I need for my budget. I was ready to sign my life way for my attractive bb phone because everything seemed faultless. And I did. I signed 3 years of my life to Rogers without reading the “gorgeous fine prints”. I was clueless as to how much headaches and stress I was going to attain from this contract. If I discontinue my service and break my contract, I face a penalty. If I decide to keep my services, I will be paying my dues for signing up with Rogers. On the other hand, if I read the fine prints before signing up for the contract, than I had less surprises. Nevertheless not everything is documented in a marriage contract because people change from time to time but as long as one understands the contract, one will acquire more knowledge to deal with issues in marriage. The lesson learned for me: marriage is such a wonderful thing; however I have to learn, explore and comprehend all the hidden prints in a marriage contracts before signing my life away.
P.S. Congratulations to all marriage couples that have made it pass the 10 years mark.  Hope God will continue to bless you and fill your cup with life!

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Prissy Birago


  1. this was a fun post to read! I know what you mean, this is the year when most of us(those 86ers) turn 25. I am also seeing more and more friends starting to tie the knot, and get engaged. I loved the fact that you mentioned the fine print, I am finding that some folks I know are merely doing these things simply to say "am doing it" - despite ill treatment from there significant others? What do you think about those that get engaged/married despite mistreatment from a spouse? Simply because they are trying to stay enroute with "the plan" that all others are adhering to, that is to 1) finish university 2) get married 3) have kids? what about self actualization, independence etc.. Don't get me wrong, I strongly believe in accomplishing great things, I have completed my Bachelors and Masters before hitting 25, as well as maintaining a relationship, however, I think that such a commitment should be made with a person that truly makes you feel special,and for the right reasons, and not merely as a fashion statement.

  2. The funny thing is I was wondering for hours who this would be... i hope I guessed right .. it Miss K right ?? lol.. You make me soo proud girl.. undergrad and masters before turnin 25.. who else would do it better than you..I'm behind you girl..


    I think many individuals are too comfortable in their relationships, even when they know it's unhealthy. Many young girls are scared to end their relationships because they worry too much of what others are going to say about them . Yes it understandable if your in a relationship for long but some individuals want to please everyone, therefore they would stick with the plan and "do it" despite ill treatment from their partners. there are many factors that also plays into this . ex// insecurities.

    I do believe that self actualization and independence is vital.. Realizing your potentials and capabilities in life is significant, however sometime some people may achieve self actualization through their significant others.Partners that encourage and support them to reach their full potentials.

    I think self actualization goes hand in hand with Independence

    however how long is a woman going to obtain the "independence" status. Don't get me wrong we all say we are independent and strong women because we work , graduated , make our own money and feel like we don't need a anyone to satisfy us... but there are times we may need someone by our side just to comfort, encourage and enhance our self esteem

    so if we find someone that support us in everything we do , than it will make us feel special for the right reasons.