Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Fairytale Wedding

Reports say that royal wedding cost the taxpayers 163 million dollars and the total royal wedding cost was about 50 billion dollars. Wow... I am absolutely in shock. 50billion dollars can possibly eliminate 100% poverty in Africa. God have mercy on us!

Presently, I am proclaiming celebration because I can obtain peace and mind again. It finally over! The wedding of the century is finally over! For the past four months, every television station had special shows pertaining to the royal wedding. As if I am gaining any potential benefit from this event. 

People need a reality check. We need to realize that this wedding was not going to improve any aspects of our life but rather creating more wealth for the royal family.

 I strongly believe that the media over sensationalize unworthy fixations that do not improve our economy but rather make it worse. Consequently, it creates a bigger gap between upper class and the lower class society. This is a representation of supremacy, where by the rich uses their power to dominate, construct and mend the world to their preference. 

We have to face the fact, we are giving more credits to people that do not deserve it. Our taxpaying money is making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. The media only pays attention to the upper class society and destroys the lower class society.  Ask yourself how many people would even hear or know about your wedding. You will be honoured to have two minutes of your wedding previewed on your local television station. The media would rather showcase statistics of black single parents or gangbangers that are murdered or in jail. It sad to say, but we are all just a number in this world. 

I am still in disbelief at the amount of people that went out camping out for the royal wedding; wasting their precious time and their hard working money for the "wedding of the century." Since the wedding is over, we can all come back to reality. In other words, working more hours to earn the money lost, which means paying more taxes to advance prosperity within upper class society.

 I pray for every African/black person that used their time and money to support the royal wedding. I believe they have been manipulated through the media to enslave themselves in the cold for many hours to make the royal family look more important them. They enslaved our people, stolen our gold, diamonds and many significant resources to make their country
rich. And here you are, standing behind a gated road/park, waving your flag like they would have noticed you.

If we had all the resources in Africa and was never taking away from us, do you think our family would move abroad for this so called "better life"? We are treating them like God, worshiping and praising them every day of our life. We should invest our time and money to praise/worship God and solving bigger problems in this world.


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  1. wooooooooooooow! .. am really touched with this one .. $50m in totality for just a wedding .. Gosh i have headache now .. keep up with the good work