Wednesday, February 22, 2012

OMG what was I thinking???

Have you ever looked back and thought to yourself … OMG what was I thinking?

What was I thinking wearing that outfit?
What was I thinking when I did that hair?
What was I thinking when I dated that “guy”?
What was I thinking back then?

Different thoughts randomly run through my complex brain when I reflect on moments in my past, and all I can do is laugh and say thank God I’ve changed.

But guess what??  I do not regret anything I did as a young girl, because my past experience has really shaped me into the woman I have become today.

Name it and I have probably done it!

Crazy hair colours, i.e. purple, red???   Yeap! Pink and purple was my favorite hair colors.

Piercings??  I loved my piercings…I had my bottom lip and upper lip pierced.

Tattoos? Got one on my back when I was 17... what is the meaning of a cross with a rose in the middle again ??

Shaved hair/ bald??  Yes I thought I was the coolest chick on the block back in 06-07.

Excessive drinking??  My 21st birthday in New York was a memorable one… if I even remembered anything. I had a hangover for 2days.

Dated bad boys?? OMG that shouldn’t even be a question. Bad boys were my back bone.

Partying every day??  Partying was my daily bread in university.

Crazy outfits?? Laughing out loud … I thought I was a “fashionista” back in the days. I’m not sure what happened to my fashion sense.
2007 - BEFORE 
2012 - After 
Will I ever go back and do the things I did when I was younger?
No, but I certainly reflect on them because they keeps me motivated to do what I do today.

Who am I today??
I am a strong christian, a wife, a potential mother, criminology /sociology graduate, an aspiring criminology lawyer, co-founder of Hands of a Hero,  csc analyst, hairdresser, business woman, writer, mentor, and a risk taker.

This is just the beginning of greater and better things God is performing in my life. I am grateful and humble to the almighty God for guiding me through my darker days to my brighter days. 2012 has started just right; it will be a year of reflecting back and accomplishing more goals. In all I give thanks to God.

**Express and Reflect on your World**


Prissy Birago

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  1. wife yuh .. happy for u .. all the best