Thursday, December 22, 2011


You must be wondering where am I going with this piece. Well, well, well… I will be discussing how women exercise power in relationships. Do you know that women have more power in their relationships than they think?

We got the power to make the world go around, so do not be manipulated by traditional values about power. Society perceive women as inferior and the weaker partner in relationships because men are molded to be the superior begin designed to make decisions. These societal values have been imbedded in the mindset of many women and have been programmed to say YES at all times to enhance male supremacy

 What is my point??

OK! I was having a conversation with four of my female co-workers at work and the topic of power came up.

During our discussion, one of my co-workers told us an interesting situation which sparked my interest to write this piece. She said she just got out of a 7 years relationship about 5 months ago and she was having a hard time getting over it. She said “I have been extremely sad because I have always been submissive to him and never taught he will end the relationship”.

So as the conversation got more fascinating, she said to us “I have a problem saying NO to men. I am currently seeing someone right now but I had intercourse with this guy too early. I feel guilty about my actions and I really wish I can say NO sometimes… the funny thing is that I don’t even know the status of this relationship. I feel like a sex fling to him. I can’t say NO if he wants to see me because I’m scared he’s going to leave me too.  I have developed some feelings for him but I’m certain that he doesn’t feel the same way about me.”

Let stop right here and Let me break it down.

Being submissive in your relationship does not mean you can’t say NO to your partner. As a woman, you should know where you stand because that would determine the success of your relationship. Men are more likely to mistreat, disrespect and take advantage of women that are afraid to say NO.

The truth is that women always had power from the moment God created us. But the problem is that some women have difficulties accessing this power through submissiveness. Although women are supposed to be submissive to their partner, it does not imply that we cannot access power through humility, meekness, patience and humbleness. Saying NO in respect to submissiveness does not make a woman difficult, stubborn and hardheaded. We are just exercising our power.

Don’t get me wrong or misunderstand me. We have all been in situations where we didn’t have the courage to say NO to something we disagreed with. Many years ago, NO was not part of my vocabulary. As I was getting mature, I came to the realization that I was not exercising the power I had. Honestly, learning to say NO has really boosted my self-esteem and enlighten my life

Practice to say the word NO.  

NO I’m too good for you.
NO I  don’t like the gift you gave me.
NO I’m not going to the movies with you.
NO I’m not sleeping with you.
NO I am not going out with you.
NO you have to wait till I am ready.

Learning how to say NO is an empowerment for one’s self because it gives us the authority to control situations. Learning to say NO can transform our life from negative to positive.

Utilize your power because you are in control of your own destiny


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 Prissy Birago


  1. well i feel soo sorry for your colleaque .. nice piece anyway!