Sunday, November 13, 2011

Positive affirmations…Transforming life

I use to wonder how I could attract positive energy to manifests in my life. I have concluded that the development of positive mindset is the most powerful life approach to a better life. I have been an advocate for positive thoughts for the past few years because I am a living testimony to this strategy.

We all know it is very difficult to develop positive energy or think positive in this distracting world. Some people believe that having a positive mindset about every situation in our life is not realistic. But, do you know that developing positive affirmations in your everyday life attract positive things on the personal and professional level?

Positive affirmations can be associated with the concept of “Law of attraction”. When you adapt to this technique, you begin to witness a positive transformation in your life. Positive thoughts change the mindset of individuals to have more passion about life. For instance, imagine waking up every morning, blasting excitement and joy for a new wonderful day. This will allow one to develop a positive attitude to life.

My success story about positive affirmations. 

At the start of 2011, I had a lot of goals I had set to accomplish before the end of the year. Attaining an excellent career was the number one goal on my list. However, I kept in mind that my accomplishment would not come easy because good things are not straightforward but I was determined to obtain what my heart craved for.

I am a firm believer in taking risks in life. On September 9th 2011, I woke up at 6am in the morning getting ready for work, and suddenly felt in my spirit I needed to quit my job. I made a major move that morning; I called my job and advised them that I will no longer be working with them again. It felt great the first couple of days, but afterward, I started having thoughts if this “big move” was the right move for me at that time knowing that I had no secure job waiting for me.  Later on that week, I started reading books and some bible chapters to strengthen my thoughts and faith.

Having faith as a Christian means positive thoughts and having confidence that goodness will result out of the situation. Although I wasn’t working and didn’t have any source of income coming in, I still woke up in the morning happier than ever. I even decided to use my spare time to volunteer at my church convention for a month.

I had been applying for numerous jobs and attending jobs interviews that did not fit my criteria. On October 4th, I applied for an analyst position at one of the major banks in Canada. Based on my qualifications and my educational background, I thought the position was way out of my lead. But I kept thinking positive and praying that God would open this major career path for me. Behold and behold, I was able to receive 2 interviews with this bank. Although, I had not been offered the position at the bank yet, I kept referring to the position as my job. At times I even told people that I was an analyst at the bank although my offer was not finalized.

From the moment I applied for the position, I refused to apply for any other job because I wanted to eliminate any second thoughts. This was how positive and certain I was about this job position. With some prayers and positive mindset, after a month of processing, I was offered the position. I started the job two months exactly after I terminated my position at my previous job. And to top it off, my starting salary is 50% more than my previous earning. This is what I call the genesis of tremendous possibilities.

Think positive, have faith and believe in yourself that you too can be great. God has granted us all the resources to become successful in this life, it is up to us on how we think about the resources and how to use them. Positive thinking and positive affirmations is a helpful technique to help us create and develop powerful and positive attitude towards life. With this power at hand, we can change failure to success and move up to new levels in life.  Be and think positive.

To God be the Glory

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Priscilla  Birago

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