Friday, September 23, 2011


I am still in disbelief and extremely horrified at the inhumane and injustice act that took place on Wednesday night. The American Justice System has failed us once again! It’s not the first and it will not be the last. Georgia Parole Board denied clemency for Troy Anthony Davis, after being on death roll for two decades. Mr. Davis was accused for the murder of an off-duty officer in 1989.

This case has caused an international outrage and has many people asking if justice was really served. Personally, I believe justice was not served because Troy Davis was not guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Anyone that followed his case clearly knows that this case was not prosecuted properly. How can a man be executed for murder when there was no solid evidence supporting the case? In addition there was no DNA evidence connecting Mr. Davis to the murder.

Mr. Davis claimed his innocence till his death bed and before his execution, he said to his family and friends “continue to fight this fight.” In order words, his family and friends should fight to prove his innocence and his freedom that he has been fighting for two decades.

Freedom does not come easy to some individuals. Freedom is independence, free-will, liberty, choice, self –determination, autonomy, sovereignty, and lastly, lack of restriction. We all seek for freedom but freedom is not easily obtained for individuals like Troy Davis. It takes determination and a long fight to achieve it and sometimes it is not achieve at all. Nevertheless, freedom comes easily to certain individuals or groups that are more favored in the North American society.

Evidently, black people in our society have fought a great deal to achieve freedom. Since emancipation from slavery, black people still faces the biggest restrictions in the justice system. North American justice system is manipulated and systematically set up to favor the higher class society. Presently, there are a higher percentage of black people that are concentrated on lower level of society, which means that the justice system of the state favors black people the least.

I am still outraged by the route the state of Georgia took. Troy Davis was innocent and he has been claiming his freedom and innocence for two decades.

Troy Davis said “All I can ask ... is that you look deeper into this case so that you really can finally see the truth." If troy Davis was white, I am certain that the system would have taken time to analyze his case careful and granted him freedom or reduced his sentence to life imprisonment.  It sad to say this, but the justice system is unfair.

It would be understandable if there was solid evidence supporting the murder and if all nine people who testified against Troy Davis did not alter their initial testimony. But that was not the case, because seven of the nine trial witnesses recanted their testimony against him. The US Supreme Court took an unusual long period of time to come to a decision. Troy was still executed after all these factors surfaced and indicated that he might be innocent.

There is no justice for capital punishment or an eye for an eye principle. It is tragic how the US justice system keeps on failing. Retribution punishment is certainly not the solution to crime in a civilized society. In my opinion it is barbaric and this form of punish does not deter crime. No-one and I mean no-one has the right to take a life, including the Government.

Before Troy’s execution, he also said to the prison officers “may God have mercy on your souls. May God bless your souls.” And Yes, May God truly have mercy on their souls for taking his life.

 I have now come to the conclusion that the “greatest nation” is not the greatest after all. It is uncivilized and has engaged in barbarism.

Many people have lost trust in the US justice system for many years because there are people that have been wrongfully convicted and incarcerated. As a result, people have been losing hope that the justice system will not be there to support them if they were in a similar situation.

I am certain that one of the many reasons Georgia Parole Board denied the clemency is because they did not want the world to identify the inaccuracy and errors in the system.
If they reopened the case to prove Mr. Davis was innocent, it will give people more reasons to loose faith in the American justice system. In addition, it will also cause the government millions of dollars to reopen the case and keep Mr. Davis alive.

It is a tragedy that they sacrificed Troy Davis’ innocence to glorify the US Justice System. “May God have mercy on their souls and may God bless their souls.”

Troy Anthony Davis, You’re in a better place. May your soul rest in peace.

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Prissy Birago

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