Wednesday, March 16, 2011


1 Perfectman Street
Righttown, Dreamworld
P1M 1R1
Phone: 1(123)

Dynamic person with only few long term relationships. Never been married and looking for a compatible woman to spend the rest of my life. I am the kind of man that will do anything in my power to make my woman happy. I have a high performance in assisting the needs of my woman. I have excellent communication skills and listening skills. I tend to overcome any challenging obstacles that I may encounter in my life. Consistently romantic anytime though out my relationships and not on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. I am also God fearing and prayerful person and not egocentric. I like to give my attention to one woman and one woman alone. VERY FAITHFUL and LOYAL.  Willing to relocate.   

Areas of Expertise include:

·         Supporting                     Educated                                Attractive
·         Loving                             Intellectual                              Comforting
·         Kind                                Romantic                                Self-motivated
·         Caring                            Sincere                                   Sociable
·         Reliable                          Well dressed                         Mature
·         Loyalty                            Faithful                                    Easygoing
·         Sense of humor             Open Minded                         Active listening
·         Intelligent                        Helpful                                     Trustworthy
·         Ambitious

Professional Experience

20XX – Present              MrRight’s Business                         Righttown, Dreamworld
Business owner

20XX-20XX                      ForPerfectman Inc                         Righttown, Dreamworld
Executive Manger

Education and training

2000-20XX                    University of Perfection                    Righttown, Dreamworld
Degree in Perfection and Excellence

Certificate in faithfulness

Reading, travelling and dinning

Reference upon request

Above is Mr. Right’s resume, which consists of most of the qualities I expect in a man. Although I have all these attributes in mind, it does not imply that my future husband will depict all these virtues. It is possible to pray to God to grant us our heart desires however I don’t believe that he will provide us with the perfect man. I believe that he will present an important person that is close to perfection to test our ability to compromise.

I attended “The girl with a mess or the girl with the message” program this past weekend at my church. The topic of the program was “Mr Right or Mr Right now” and during the discussions, there were some interesting concerns and questions that most of the ladies inquired about. One of the important question that was raised was, how do we know Mr Right and is there more than one Mr Right for you??  

I often question myself, if there is really a Mr Right or should I say Mr Perfect for every woman??
Just for the sake of argument, I will state that there is the perfect man for every woman. This denotes that every woman would have Mr Right for themselves and would not have to be concern about their man not being faithful. And since every woman has their perfect match no woman will have the desire to pursue someone’s man because they would be satisfy with what they have.

Hmmm wouldn’t that be golden?? Let’s face it, everyone hates cheaters.

Let me stop here for a moment to re-evaluate what I just said. SO...there is a perfect man for every woman, which means women are more likely to capture Mr Right that would fit their criteria.

WAIT  A MIN !!!!

How is there a perfect man for every woman when there are more women than men in this world? The ratio between men and women is 1 to 6 which can be interpreted as; for every man there are six women for them.This means that six women would be sharing one perfect man. Hmmm isn’t this interesting? 

Personally I don’t believe in the idea of a perfect man. Because even if a man is faithful, they may lack some attributes in some areas such as communication and reliability. I believe in the idea of comprising and having an open mind in relationships. However every woman has their own opinions of what makes up a perfect man. I have my own list of the attribute that makes up Mr Right in my world but does that mean that I would find the perfect man that would meet my requirement?? No!! 

We should evaluate our desires and identify if our desires are...
Must have, need to have or should have

Because if you are looking for 10 good qualities in your man but only attain 7 out of the 10 attributes, would that make him less of a man for you or Would you comprise to make your relationship work? I mean after all, 7 out of 10 is not bad. Right??!!!


Do you feel like you will be settling down for less because you don’t like the idea of compromising??  

Think about it!!

**Express and Reflect on your World** 


Prissy Birago


  1. Thumbs up girl! ... I think i like this one very much .. I believe there's NO perfect man as u rightly said, just as there's NO perfect woman .. But there's a distinction here between "a perfect man and the right man" ... There's no such thing as "perfection" when it comes to the right person for a relationship .. I believe we all strive very hard to compromise and get on with each other as we move along .. it is a very difficult thing to do; getting used to someone u barely know that much .. it's an aspect of life u cannot ignore .. and hey, 7 out of 10 is just more than enough for me to settle down with a woman .. and again relationship without compromising is like boiling water with ice cubes ..


  2. Wow...I really njoid readn dis prissy. Great insight. We r all not perfect.dat is dat.