Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Letter To Fear

 Dear Fear,

You must be wondering why I'm writing you this letter. I have no other way to break this to you, but I no longer want to be in any kind of relationship with you.  It has been very difficult to say goodbye to you after our long relationship. Things are just not the same anymore.

I know you think that you have been protecting me from disappointment and rejection and your ultimate goal is to keep me safe from courage. But the fact is, I met courage on numerous occasions when you weren’t around and he’s not as bad as you made it seem.

I appreciate the times we had but it's time I let you go your separate way.  You have kept me safe from disappointment and rejection for way to long, and I feel like it is time for me to be on my own.The truth is I know longer find you attractive and I don't feel safe around you anymore. You have been deceiving me all this while. You have been too over protective and I no longer feel secure in your presence. You are too bossy and you keep telling me things I cannot do.

Since you came into my life, my spirit of power and boldness has diminished.  How can I meet success if you keep stopping me from encountering risk, disappointment and rejection? You said you would lead me to see destiny but you just kept me far away from confidence and ambition. You claim you care about me but your actions demonstrate something else. Fear, I just don’t get you!

I feel like I am always in bondage when you’re with me because you keep me captive from the truth. I want the freedom to explore with risk, disappointment and rejection because I know they will help me meet success. I must admit, you’ve really hurt my spirit and I need to
find courage so I can experience new life.

You know what fear, the bottom line is you are just deceitful and you scare the hell out of me. I need to break this relationship up effective as of now. But before I conclude this letter, I just want to make something clear; all forms of communication with you will be ceased. Do not ever call, text, email, or facebook me.

We will no longer have any type of association; so going forward, I will remove your name “Fear” out of my mind because you no longer exist in my world. Just know that I am not the person you thought I was before.

Don’t be mad if you see me with ambition, confident, capability,
possibility, courage, success and their other friends.

I hope you understand.

Have a good life Fear.


Priscilla Birago
Your ex-friend.

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  1. extraordinaire!!!


  2. Well written.. very inspirational.. Keep up the good work


  3. Somehow you've triggered a burning courage to relieve a major fear I've been wrestling with. Trust me...this piece is a life changer!