Saturday, July 20, 2013

Confessions of a Blessed Woman

Confessions of a Blessed Woman – By Priscilla Birago


I am the definition of greatness.
I am not an average woman because I have defeated mediocrity.
I am a magnificent wife, mother, daughter and sister.

I am a blessed woman.

My existence and actions are taint by the grace and favor from above.
I am remarkable, extraordinary and a complete woman.
I am a warrior because I have defeated adversity

I am a blessed woman.

I am in control of my fortune
Prosperity is part of my existence.
Everything I speak on or touch is blessed.
I am the light that outshines through the dark tunnel.

I am a blessed woman.

I am the master of my universe.  
My contribution is significant to the world.
 My life is purposeful and meaningful.
I am fruitful because I am the seed of Abraham.


 I am a blessed woman, Yes that's me!

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