Saturday, July 13, 2013

Get Your Kerosene and Wood Ready

Have you ever sat down to write what you are blessed with? The truth is, often times we lack the ability to identify our blessings because of what we take for granted. Our blessings are sometimes recognized only when we endure a dramatic situation.

What's my point???

My point is that many individuals that reside in the Western world are very spoiled! Yes, including me, me and me. We take many things for granted and consequently, our everyday blessings are not truly appreciated. Many Torontoians may recollect this faithful day, Monday July 8th 2013. This was a day loaded with panic and chaos in our beloved city due to a record rain fall. Many parts of the city were flooded and the majority of us experienced the agronomy of 24hrs blackout.

I was filled with irritation and anger as every second passed by. I thought to myself, what is this world coming too?? No hot water, phone, television, air-conditioning, facebook , twitter or instagram. It truly felt like 24hrs of hell on earth for many of us.

As I heard the sound of my television outside the walls of my home, I screamed "thank you Jesus! This nightmare is over". I couldn't wait to open my fridge to cook some fresh and yummy food for my empty tummy.

It took me few hours to start recollecting what actually happened. I could not come to terms with how I and every other person was behaving because for the 24hrs blackout. This whole city was in disarray and outrage. How sad?

I query our condition or our adaptation if we had no electricity for more than 72hrs. Just imagine the turmoil a mere 72hrs of no electricity would cause. People would be jumping off buildings... like literally...

Now think about it...
Don't you think we are extremely dependent on electricity? Name it, gas, phones, elevators, stoves, water, food, computers, iPods and many more are all by-products of electricity. Its shame to say but it is our only means of survival in this part of the world...but yet we don't consider it as a blessing.

Funny enough, people in other parts of the world are surviving without electricity on a daily basis but we call them "third world countries". How ironic that they are equipped to survived under any means, while we are not.

So lets analysis this for a moment...
If Africa and North America were to go on a survival contest with no electricity for just one month, who do you think would survival?

The fact of the matter is, we are too entrenched in our technological society, and as a result, we are unable to function outside of that world. We need to go back to the days where there was neither electricity nor technology as the means of survival and learn the essentials of life.

Become conscious and realize that having electricity and anything that comes along with is a privilege/blessing and we should not take for granted.

P.S. Get your kerosene and wood ready because there is more of this come.


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Prissy Birago

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