Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am super happy. I am so happy I can’t keep it to myself. God has been so good to me, it’s unexplainable. I have come such a long way in life and it’s all because I have been positive and believed that God loves me.
I have been more positive than ever before.
I have been taking more risk than ever been before.
I see more light than ever before.
I see more possibilities and potentials than ever before.
 All because I am more optimistic about life and I walk with faith that nothing is impossible for God.
I admit. I have not always been optimistic or fearless in life. My attitude reflected that. Few years ago, the way I talked, behaved or even thought about life was in a negative manner. It took me years to come to the realization that negativity and the feeling of fear are the devil’s antics to destroy people’s destiny. And feeling fearful and pessimistic can only lead to disappointment and failure in life.  
Why would one allow him or her to be consumed with fear and negativity??  
It’s sad to say that I was there at some point in my life; Carrying the fear and negativity in my heart and mind and not allowing myself to progress in life. Because I was constantly thinking negative about myself, I permitted pessimism to manifest my position in life. Consequently, I created a false persona that was acceptable to people. From my outer shell, I appeared as an individual with a strong personality but in reality, I was weak and vulnerable inside.
Now I have unlearned to learn; I have become extremely conscious about my surroundings.
To my understanding, when one is surrounded with fear, they are afraid to move forward in life. They persistently anticipate negativity rather than positive outcome in their life. As a result, they block God’s love to get to their heart. 
When we are stuck in the dark negative world, it only requires the unconditional love from God to grant us with a brighter world. All we have to do is to open our hearts to accept the love of God.
Are we where we are suppose to be in life?? NO!!

Where we are in life presently is not our ordained destiny. God has plans for us to be in a better place; where we are constantly progressing in life and are surrounded with positive people.
Do you know that the people in our life determine our future??
 The people we associate ourselves with determine who we become in the future. When we have friends that are always negative and fearful in life, this means that we are more likely to assimilate to their personality.
I truly believe that friends have a major influence in our life.  
On the other hand, not only friends but our partners we choose to be with can also have an impact on our life in a positive or negative way. Some people we associate ourselves with attain evil spirit that we are unable to detect physically. Their purpose of invading our life is to devalue our potentials to achieve. During this episode we may encounter disappointments after disappointments in our life which may cause low confidence. We may even feel like we are unable to achieve better things, thus we settle down for what you have or what we can get.
We all know that, there is always something better out there for us. That’s what I call the “definition of positivity.”
So it is very crucial for us to choose wisely who we allow in our lives.
For some time now, my attitude has changed; my approach to life is more positive. I have found love in God and there is nothing more I can ask for. The more positive I think about life, the more God makes impossible things possible.
In recent times, I have been seeking the face of the Lord and I have observed some major transformation in my life.  I have been taking more risk in life because I have been walking with confidence.  I took a risk this week and I am happy to say it paid off. I remained optimistic even when I thought there was little or no hope. I have been extremely happy about the outcome since yesterday. This is definitely a major transformation and the beginning of amazing miracles in my life. God really answers prayers as long as we remain positive about what we are seeking for.
Positivity is fruitfulness!

Whottt  Whott!!


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Prissy Birago


  1. woow!! woow!! woow!! .. what more can i say? .. this testimony makes me believe that there is still hope for the hopeless .. am really touched .. may God continue to lift you to greater heights .. God bless you & be good ...


    Sarkodie Kofi

  2. Thank you and Good bless you too :)