Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The UnaccountableThings


Dear Diary,

My aim for this week is to thank God for the good things in my life and to think about all the impossibilities he made possible for me.

I have been doing a lot of asking and less thanking.

I have been clueless in my mind, soul and body.
I profess...God needs to be glorified for every breath that I take even if I feel like nothing has been done for me. I should feel blessed knowing that I have the ability to wake up every morning.

I started to meditate; I realized that God has done many things for me that I never acknowledged prior to my reflection.

My mind has been in a different dimension for the past three days while reflecting on my life. 

I have tuned out what the world have to say.

Subsequently, I refused to believe that there will be a snow storm on February 2nd 2011.  At 12:05am, I was driving, happily singing I will praise you Lord with every breath I take, I will praise you Lord this promise I make, till eternity ends and starts all over again even then I will praise you Lord”. 

This was an intensive/emotional five minute session of worship while driving. And I felt wonderful.
In a split of seconds, I came to the realization that this famous snow storm of 2011, that world has been nattering about has already started.  I said to myself, “Is this really happening?? A Snow storm on the second day of Black history month?? This must be a conspiracy!!”

I started to laugh; I felt no ounce of sorrow or anguish.  Dissimilar to what the slaves went through over four hundred years ago. The slave era was all a conspiracy but not this snow storm. 

Ironically, I have been given the chance to enslave myself to reach to the highest level. .Yes I said it, enslave myself. With this prospect, I have control over my destiny, unlike the enslaved men and women that paved the way for us. I have opportunity to work, work, work on my own terms until I can’t work no more. 

No human beings can create a snowstorm except for God and only God. He’s the only one that controls the weather. Why should I be mad or sad? 

This is the only day I can stay in my room, and not think about anything else I have to get done. I will take this as a holiday to embrace my life and my culture and express my appreciation to God.

So.... Here I am, restless and happy at 7 am on a Wednesday morning writing and expressing my gratitude. It truly feels wonderful to know how much more I appreciate the littlest things in my life.

**Express and Reflect on your World**


Prissy Carter

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