Thursday, April 9, 2015

30days Gratitude Challenge : Day 1

At 2:33am today, I heard my son Ezra crying out loud but I refused to get up because I was too tired. I laid in my bed awake with my eyes closed for few minutes; thinking to myself , why oh why?  After a hard struggle to open my eyes, I saw my son standing in his crib facing the wall, which was unusual. At that moment, I knew he was crying in his sleep; maybe due to a bad dream. So I placed my hand on him and said a little prayer and put him back to bed. Few minutes after going back to bed, Ezra  started crying again. 

When I got up to carry him, it dawned on me that my five weeks vacation in Ghana without my kids was really over. My long relaxing and sleeping nights has ceased; now I am back to mommy duties again. With a frown face, I placed him on my left  shoulder and took him down stairs to feed him. I started reminiscing again about my vacation and now I'm back to sleepless nights and yelling in my house. This was definitely a change I was not looking foward to, however I smelt the cheese  thousands of miles away.

But in all, I am embracing this change because I'm grateful to see my family again. I am grateful to hear the cries of my babies because not every mother lives to see their children.I am grateful to hear the cries of my babies because they are  blessings.

During my trip to Ghana, I had the opportunity to visit  Mampong Babies Home and held babies as young as Ezra in my arms with no parents or  family to care for them. I am thankful and grateful to see and hold my children  in my arms. I thankful to be able to wake up in the middle of the night and feed my babies. I'm grateful for the strength I have to conduct my mommy duties even when i'm extreamly tired. I am grateful for healthy and normal children. I am grateful!

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