Sunday, April 12, 2015

30days Gratitude Challenge : Day 3

Many times, we as human beings don't appreciate and give credit to our past friends that we believe were toxic at some point in our lives. But it is important for us to recognize and give credit to our past friends for dropping in our lives and teaching us lessons in certain seasons of our lives. Because without them, we will not learn to appreciate and acknowledge our present family and friends who are depositing good into our lives. So today I'm grateful for my past teachers, who have taught me life lessons in my previous semesters and have enabled me to overcome obstacles in my current semester as I transition into the future. To my past teachers, thank you for giving me the tools and abilities to choose my present friends wisely. Now I'm am surrounded with people that speaks good and thruth into my life, people that pushes me to do better and people that encourages and uplift me in this confusing world.  I am grateful for my past teachers because I've learned to appreciation and show gratiude for my present teachers. I am grateful.

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