Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dear Blog,

I promise to share more great insights with you at least once a week. I'm Sorry for mistreating you but I am glad to let you know I have been keeping up with some of the things I listed on my possessions for 2011.I have been keeping myself very busy and also in the process of launching a major project with my partners. To be frank, I am proud of the things I have accomplished so far. I need to pat myself on the back for keeping  things up. I told my self this year would be my year for positive change. And indeed I feel the change has begun already.

Yes, New Prisssyyyy in the house. Woot Woot!!

The sweet tingling feeling of change is unstoppable.


So I am trying to justify why i am so joyful today
Uhmm, let me guess. I think am happy because of the Victoria long weekend that's coming up

Hmmm or maybe it because of my two spontaneous trips creeping up on me.

Anyways, who care what's making me delightful. Either way I’m happy. 

I was Pregnant with joy today. I was actually nice to everyone at work today, including my co-workers and the clients .So... One of my co-worker said I looked like a banana because I have been wearing yellow jacket for the past three day.

Silly, right?
Prissy banana??
Hell noo!!
I'm Prissy sunshine.
Shining through out the day.

Wow talk about change. Trust me, this change is good because it ticks me in the right places.

Hence, these are 3 little changes that made me tick this week :)

1) Every two weeks, I  rotate between inspirational books and fictional novels. This week, I decided to reread "Medea's uninhibited commentaries on love and life” by Tyler Perry .Trust me this book has been making me laugh to myself like crazy Medea.

2) For the past 3 months I have been wearing my nails natural and plain with no nail polish. But this week I painted my natural nails with fuchsia pink polish. Something fun and different. This is a big change for me, because I’ve been wearing fake nails for a while.

3)  As you may already know, I can never stop cutting my hair bald. It in my blood to wear short hair. However, I decided to wear long hair for a change. My choice of hair  this week is curly jerry curls (no stress to fix it).

I know these changes are not big changes but they are sufficient enough  for me to feel different. Little by little is all it takes for a major change in my life.

Dr. Dennis O'Grady, Once said "Change has a bad reputation in our society. But it isn't all bad — not by any means. In fact, change is necessary in life — to keep us moving ... to keep us growing ... to keep us interested. ... Imagine life without change. It would be static and boring and dull."

**Express and Reflect on your World** 


Prissy Birago


  1. What a lovely blog that you have! Hope you have a fantastic upcoming long weekend!

  2. Wonderful as usual banana lol! Keep it up! xoxo

  3. This was a good read Prissy, change is not easy but is definitely one step at a time and the end result is much better than expected I'm sure :)

  4. Yes hun... all it takes is one step at a time :)