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Hands of a Hero Foundation

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Have you ever concerned yourself with the matters of the world and wondered what you could do to help?  Have you come across a philanthropist movement and wondered how you could help?  Have you ever wanted to bring change into the life(lives) of the less unfortunate but have yet to find a means?...well look no further.

Hands of a Hero Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Canada that concentrates on transforming the lives of less fortunate children in Canada. We focus on empowerment, mentorship, educating and preparing children for their future endeavors.

We also focus on eliminating poverty and putting smiles on the faces of deprived children in Ghana. We are devoted to creating programs that provide sustainability, livability and prosperity for under privileged children in Africa.
  1. Hands of a Hero Foundation’s mission is to support less fortunate children in Canada and Ghana by empowering, mentoring, educating and improving their standard living conditions.
  2. Our ultimate aim is to create awareness, raise funds, and implement programs to help eliminate poverty among children. We hope to make a difference in the lives of children by giving them hope for a brighter future.
Motto:  “Every helping hand is a hero in a child’s life”.

Our vision is to offer social-economical support, as well as recreation and educational programs, to change lives, and help children realize their full potential.


What they do

Ghana Initiatives
Heal the World: this is a health initiative that focuses on collecting and buying medical supplies for medical facilities.
The Shining light: collecting clothes and non-perishable food items.
The Toy Drive:this project focuses on collecting toys, teddy bears and stuffed animals.
Little By Little: The goal of this project is to buy school supplies.

Canada Initiatives 

You Count (Youth Opportunities Uplifting Champions Over Underestimated Notable Talents)
You count aims to enlighten youths about the importance of their existence in their communities. The goal of this program is to mentor and motivate youths to recognize their potential in life and provide the key resources they require to achieve their goals and aspirations

Youth Mentorship Program:  This is a one-on-one mentorship and empowerment program for youth.
Creative Minds -Summer program:  workshops to educate youth from 14 to 18 years of age with specialized skills, such as leadership development, creative writing, public speaking and fashion design workshops.
After School Program:  This initiative concentrates on helping children with homework, tutoring and engaging them in hands-on activities such as art and painting.
Tele-counseling Program: This initiative, concentrates on counseling students over the phone about courses and grades they need to obtain and/or achieve, in order to qualify for the right program in college/university.

Future Project Proposals in Ghana
Community Center project: the purpose of this project is to establish a center that will provide social, health, educational and recreational programs for young children in Ghana.  

If you are interested in sponsoring HOHF projects/events, volunteering or donating monetary funds or/and items please contact them by phone at 6478747764 or by email at 

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