Sunday, May 12, 2013

Finding your trueself !

 My mini quotes...

The beautiful journey of self-realization.. Is a quest to self-love.

The inception of self-realization is a wonderful thing..

Find yourself, you will love you, you will be happy with you, you will put your happiness first and care less about what others say about you.

Acclimatize yourself with positive people and you will yield positive results.

Avoid putting yourself in situations where you will be disrespected because you're too important to be disrespected.

Sometimes, we think dehumanization is caused by the third person but we forget that most times it caused by the first person.. You!

The key word is You !

You are the pilot of your own aircraft.

You decide how high and how far you will fly.

Always stay clear in order to see what's ahead of you or what's coming your way. 

Take the proper precautions to avoid hijackers on your aircraft.

Sometime we doubt ourselves how far we can go.Your determination will define your Success.

Be true to yourself .The moment you are true to yourself , you become original.

There  is a reason why God gave everyone a head and a brain.. To think about something and call it your own.

Life is what happens when u make plans.Sometimes plans turns into disappointments. You just have to keep moving  forward if it doesn't cripple you.

Even the cripple makes an effort to move forward.

Don't be a balloon filled with air.. Because when u burst, there will be nothing left.

Life is all about learning and embracing every experience.

Find your true-self! 

**Express and Reflect on your World**


 Priscilla Birago

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