Saturday, April 18, 2015

Say NO to Xenophobia

For the last few days anti-immigration volience has been spreading across South Africa. It is heart breaking seeing all these barbaric actions taking place in a country where the global community has once fought for to gain  independence, acceptance and the eradication of prejudice and racism. So why are some South Africans refusing to move on from the negativity and accept the fact that  foreigners are not the reason for high unemployment rate in their country. It is difficult to see a country where liberation and  multiculturalism was celebrated the most can engage in such animalistic behaviour.This unacceptable and shamful events has been going on for far too long and it is time the global community come together to put an end to this cural attacks. 

Many questions keeps running through my head as I read headlines after headlines. 
What measures is the government of South Africa taking to rectify this long over due issue? What happened to Africans being united?  Don't we all bleed the same red blood? Or do some of us bleed purple or green blood?  Why are people being burned alive? Why are hard working people being slaughtered like animals? Why is it okay to resolve issues with such volience? We are all foreigners in this strange world and we seem to forget that our time on this earth is temporary. 

It is sad to say,  but the black man is their own worse enemy but yet we are quick to point our fingers and blame the white man for our misfortunes. Africans are suppose to have each others back, fight for each others battles and praise each other. Instead, we flight againt each other and kill each other because we don't want to see our own brothers rise.  No wonder why the continent of Africa is always suffering. Jesus must really come down soon because the wickness of this world is at its highest peak. 

Noone deserves to be hated because they are immigrants; we are all foreigners somewhere . However, in the light of this tragedy we must all come togther in solidarity for our voices be heard loud and clear. We should use our social media platforms as  a tool to bring change in our world. And say NO to xenophobia because all Africans lives matter.

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