Sunday, July 24, 2011


 I profess; God is changing my reality into a transforming living testimony. One word to describe it; Miraculous! God works in mysterious ways and it always amazes me. Sometime we may wonder why things happen and why it happened to us. We should be appreciative and realize that everything happens for a purpose. God performs “little miracles” in our lives everyday, every-minute and every-second. Often times, we never acknowledge it or recognize the “little miracles” in our lives. For example, being able to wake up every morning, being able to talk and walk and being able to drive home safe are all "little miracles." We take our “little miracles” for granted!! Many times God manifest to us through our "little miracles", but often, we don’t comprehend the new direction the spirit of God is leading us to. As result, the devil discovers a new approach to divert us from God and try to dispossess our destiny.

Heaviness is one of the major distractions the devil uses as a platform to derive us from reaching to the top. Feeling heavy hearted or unhappy is the devils antics to move us from our ordained destiny.

 I was once a victim! Couple of weeks ago, on my sister’s graduation, my heart was excessively heavy. A day of rejoice was transformed into a day of sorrow. I felt my heart was in the wrong place and I couldn’t identify the roots of my sadness. To make matter worse, I went to bed the same night not only feeling heavy but angry as well.  I woke up the next morning feeling worse than before.

While I was on my way to work that morning, my mind started to wonder and make up negative reasons as to why I was feeling heavy. The more I wondered, the more I found myself trenched in depression. I knew this feeling was not from God. So I decided to turn to my everyday therapy, Reading!! The book I was reading for the week was called “In Pursuit of Vision by David Oyedepo. I began to read where I left off. Ironically the chapter I was reading at that particular time was about being free of cares, worries and anxiety. Right there, I knew God was manifesting and speaking to me through this book.  I came across a section in the chapter that was discussing about heaviness.

 I discovered that “heaviness is a spirit (Isaiah 61:3). It is one of Satans strategies for stripping God’s people naked…No reason is strong enough to cast us down as wherever casts us down has succeeded in making us a failure.  The devil steals people’s joy so he can make victims of them.  But we have the gift of joy from the most high God. Heaviness takes us out of our father’s house and places us where the enemy can flog us. But if we see a glorious tomorrow, no devil can cast us down. If we can see what lies ahead of us, we can afford to insult the devil and slap his face."(Oyedepo, 2008)

The moment I read “insult the devil and slap his face” I read it over again and began to smile and laugh out loud because I knew the devil was a lair .I will forever slap and laugh in his face because he has been defeated. My joy was restored back to me after reading the chapter in the book. Some people may not find this as a major transformation, but I consider this to be one of my “little miracles.” God shifted my mind in minutes because he spoke to me through this book, to demonstrate how powerful he is. Reading the book was what I call a therapy from God aka “little miracles.” I was once searching to identify nature or the roots of the heaviness but after seeking the therapy from God, I concluded that the devil is the roots of heaviness. Hence, rejoice and acknowledge the Lord for the “little miracles” in our everyday lives.

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Prissy Birago

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