Sunday, August 7, 2011


Oh God, Oh God, Oh God

“I need you right now. I know I haven’t been very good lately, but I promise if you help me pass this exam, I will be really good. I have not been trying my best to study for this exam but God you said we shall ask and you shall give it to us. So God, I am praying and asking you right now, please please please pleaseeeeee help me pass this exam and I promise I will not party before my exams again. Pleaseeeeeee God pleaseeeeeee  . Amen”

This was one of my many prayers during exams period in first year university. Thinking back, I treated God like a vending machine. I constantly expected God to grant me all my “wants” after praying. I finally grasp that God does not work that way. God does not respond to all our prayers instantly. He examines our current situation, and decides if our desires will be beneficial to us at that present time; then he takes action! If it's not beneficial, he would refuse our request until we are in the right position to receive our wishes.

 Imagine how this world would be if every prayer was answered?!

About month ago, I was waiting for the face of God for 15days.During this time, I prayed for certain possessions, however I was aware that not all my prayers would be answered instantaneously.

Few weeks after, I was conversing with my male friend and about 15mins into the conversation, he randomly said, “After the 15days of fasting and praying, have you received any results from God yet?  I said yet?!! Honestly, I was shocked he would ask me such an irrational question. I made it clear to him that I am not expecting things to happen right away. Excellent results will come when God is ready to grant it to me.

Many times we treat God like a vending machine, expecting to press the right button and receive exactly what we requested for.  We select A-6 and expect to receive Hershey chocolate but when we receive the wrong product or receive nothing, we tend to get irate. God does not perform in such manner.  He works on his own will and gives us the gifts he knows we are prepared enough to handle when the right time approaches. God will not respond to our prayers when we are not mature or equip enough to handle it.  

Why do we get angry or lose faith  when we feel like God is not answering our prayers?

Is God a Vending machine? NO!! Vending machine has many malfunctions. Sometime it steals our money; it may be out-of-order or run out of products. And when this happens to us, we may try to kick it or even shake it, hoping that the machine will grant us what we wanted.  God does not work that way; he never malfunction when he’s at work. God evaluates our capacity and our current circumstances before he grants us our desires. He ensures our faith is strong and we are prepared enough to handle what he bestows to us.

We should remember to treat God like God and not a mindless machine. There is no price on his endless love and gifts. He’s not a seller but a free giver.  We should operate in confidence and faith and once our capacity is develop to a level that is acceptable to God, we will claim our possessions.

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Prissy Birago

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